Applications of Detector Technologies

It is well known that there exist the lethal effects of ionizing radiation on human beings. Because of this reason, the measurement of radiation is crucial especially for works who works on radiation environment. Radiation dosimeters can be used to measure radiation. The radiation dosimeter is a device, instrument or system that measures or evaluates, either directly or indirectly, the quantities exposure, absorbed dose or equivalent dose, or their rates, or related quantities of ionizing radiation.They can be used all radiation environment but the mainly usage areas are medical application, military and security applications and space applications.

Medical Applications

Radiation dosimeters are important for medical applications and health and safety of the workers in medical. Ionizing radiation is widely used in oncology treatment and radiography department. The radiation therapy and research applications typically carry their own specific requirements concerning dosimeter.

İyonlaştırıcı radyasyon onkoloji  ve radyoloji bölümlerinde sıklıkla kullanılmaktadır. Her bölüm için ihtiyaçlara gore değişik hassaslıktaki dozimetrelerin kullanılması önemlidir.

Military and Security Applications

Ensuring safe conditions for workers who work and operate in ionizing radiation affected environments, such as within the nuclear industry, emergency first responders, and detectors usage in nuclear waste storage monitoring are critical. In addition, radiation detection on in borders is also crucial for security of citizens.

Space Applications

Space radiation is basically emitted from the Sun, other stars and other high energy objects outside the of atmosphere of Earth. The space radiation always bombards the Earth but people never really pay attention to it except for the UV rays from the Sun. The reason of this, Earth has several natural barriers that protect us from the worst kinds of radiation. Naturally man made craft don’t have the perfect defenses. Due to these reason, it is crucial to radiation measurements for space applications.

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