NürFET is a kind of Radiation-Sensing Field-Effect Transistor based on the Metal-Oxide-Silicon structure, in other words it is a micro miniature type of integrating radiation dosimeter. NürFET technology is developed basically to increase the devices sensitivity and reduce material volumes and costs. The NRDC laboratories are fully equipped such as photolithography, wet and dry etch, plasma CVD, thermal processing and metal deposition for manufacturing of NürFET technologies, micro-electro-mechanical systems and many other devices. Research in this area is interdisciplinary. Research groups from different branches are studying on thin NürFET technologies in NRDC.

In addition, considering to your requirements high quality thin film and related devices can be fabricated in NRDC labs. The motivation behind this is to provide seamless access to the facilities for our customers.

NRDC’s Central Fabrication Facilities consists of four distinct cleanroom spaces, 74 m2 of class 1,000 for CVD process, 21m2 of class 1,000 for PVD process, 25 m2 for RCA cleaning process and 21m2 of class 10 for optical lithography and some other devices used in fabrication process. Various NürFET s and thin films with high quality dielectric layers can be fabricated by using all of NRDC’s cleanroom facilities.

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